FarWest Todd Saunders

I. Focus


At FarWest, our projects and targeted investments are typically located within urban and resort locations throughout the western United States and Hawaii.

Specifically, they are in gateway and/or high-visibility markets, most typically with high barriers to entry. Our core product types include office, high-rise or resort residential, and hospitality - all as either stand-alone or mixed-use opportunities.


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II. Experience


In success, we are the sum total of our collective experiences. Collectively, FarWest's principals have over 50 years of  both institutional as well as entrepreneurial real estate expertise in asset acquisition/management and project entitlement/development.

Our past projects are a reflection of our present focus: commercial office, high-rise residential, hospitality and mixed-use developments, located principally throughout California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah and Hawaii. 



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III. Principles


A strong partnership can only be built upon an unwavering commitment to a shared set of principles. 

FarWest's foundation is based upon this very idea: that in conducting our business, we do so only within the strongest moral and ethical framework. 



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IV. Craft


The verb to craft is defined as: "To make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity."  

In thoughtfully and meticulously crafting of each of our projects and partnerships, we add equal parts of both art and science. Some see them as disparate practices - we see them as highly interconnected


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Our Foundation

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Each of these core FarWest qualities - Focus, Experience, Principals and Craft - make up just some of the many fundamental elements we leverage every day in crafting, shaping and guiding our real estate investments and development success.

In the end, it is our collective years of extensive experience, our unflinching focus on the job at hand, an adherence to an abiding set of principles and a relentless commitment to perfecting our craft that form and anchor these primary cornerstones of FarWest's foundation.